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Best Value

Cost, performance and quality are what make Fuji Alkaline Batteries stand out in the market. We believe it is the combination of these three factors, that consumers, base their purchasing decisions on.

Fuji’s “performance” is second to none, a major testing laboratory report backs this statement up. Our batteries meet or exceed the market leaders in performance.

Our “quality”, is shown in part by a 10 year shelf life; one of the longest in the industry. In addition to the impressive shelf life, our batteries have a superb discharge curve keeping consistent flow of power throughout the life of the battery. Technologically advanced safety characteristics ensure user safety; Fuji Alkaline Batteries will not destroy items they are used in.

It is no longer acceptable for consumers to be asked to pay a premium for environmentally friendly products. With Fuji Alkaline Batteries, consumers are provided the best in class, all the while delivering high performance and quality.