Environmental Responsibility

Fuji eco friendly and high performance batteries are the green batteries consumers want. Our best-in-class alkaline batteries are the result of our passion to be the environmental leader. Fuji Batteries brings a long-awaited peace-of-mind to consumers who “live green” when choosing consumable products to meet their daily needs.

Our Fuji Alkaline Batteries…

Can be disposed of in a landfill* and will breakdown naturally. “No harmful elements will be released into the earth”. Contain no poisonous cadmium or mercury. Are packaged with recycled paper and PET plastic.

FDK Group Manufacturing…

Sets the standards of environmental responsibility in the industry. We are the industry leader in the promotion of sustainable development. ISO 14001 certified Earth Friendly Manufacturing, with ZERO ozone depleting compounds being emitted from our facilities. Pursues the reduction of business-related greenhouse gas emissions and waste reduction. Voluntarily institute environmental initiatives beyond what is legally required.

The FDK Group recognizes that their environmental protection efforts as a corporation, together with its business activities, must not only ensure those activities comply with all national and local regulations, they also need to voluntarily do their utmost to prevent global warming, reduce waste materials control chemical substances and take other actions from a global point of view.

Fuji Alkaline Batteries, are manufactured by an organization that understands being environmentally responsible is simply not about the product, but the entire life cycle from “Cradle to Grave”.