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Fuji Batteries have four major benefits to them…

…High quality & performance, attractive design & packaging, environmental conservation, and competitive pricing. In every category, our batteries meet or exceed the competition.

Fuji Batteries maintain strength throughout the whole life of the battery. Our C and D sized batteries will not destroy the items being used if they’re improperly installed, and can be used in extreme weather conditions.

Fuji Batteries come in a wide variety of blister packs and multi packs.

We have a high quality Alkaline battery; in fact, one of the best technology has to offer, and we have a variety of batteries to fit every consumer’s need. Fuji Batteries have a seven year shelf life, which is one of the longest shelf lives available in the industry. They also have a superb discharge curve, and strong leak tightness. Our batteries can handle wide temperature characteristics, and contain many safety features.

Here at Fuji Batteries, we are dedicated to environmental conservation, so all our batteries are safe for our environment using all recycled paper, and plastic, so our environmentally conscious consumers can be confident that they are purchasing an authentic, green-conscious product.

Fuji is focused on developing products that support environmental conservation by producing batteries that are mercury and cadmium free. Our batteries are made with no ozone depleting compounds.

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